Graham Barrow

The Dark Money Files Ltd

Graham has worked in senior roles across Global Banking, Markets, Corporate, Private, Retail and Wealth Management.

The fundamental ability he brought to all these roles was a deep understanding of the underpinning regulations, legislation, guidance and best practice case studies to ensure that all proposed controls, policies and procedures were based on first principles rather than received wisdom.

Graham has worked in locations across the world including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Zurich, Berne, Geneva, Gibraltar, Monaco, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, Mexico and Istanbul. He has been closely involved in two Systematic AML Programmes (SAMLPs) and has made major contributions to developing effective policy within Wealth, Private Banking, Correspondent Banking and Trade Finance.

He brings highly developed communication skills to everything he does as well as a keen awareness for the need for bespoke and effective coaching and development within the Financial Crime specialisms.He has an excellent working knowledge of TACT 2000, POCA 2002, MLR 2007, FSMA, SYSC, Wolfsberg, JMLSG (parts I and II) and an abundance of research papers.

Graham has a deep understanding of the worldwide Financial Crime/AML landscape which enables him to bring enormous value to the formulation of meaningful Financial Crime controls as well as huge experience in the design and implementation of an effective global implementation plan.

Graham brings specialist knowledge of the FCA's Systematic AML Programme having been deeply involved with two recent SAMLPs.