"It showed me a wider view of the Compliance landscape and the problems that the industry is faced with. I liked that the speakers had different backgrounds and were from different industries, so I could compare and find the similarities and differences in "
"The ICA conference, as always, has been a valuable investment of time and money. Diverse backgrounds of speakers, keen attention to hot topics, and, of course, a great opportunity to meet old friends as well as make new connections. "
"Attending the festival, listening and interacting with the speakers and fellow attendees has given me an opportunity to broaden my overall knowledge and perspective "
"Attending the ICA festival has reminded me of the importance of my mission. It has revitalised my goals and focused my mind on what is important. It is too easy to get consumed by the small things in the day to day working life "
" It’s all about being part of the community of compliance professionals and networking is an integral element of our profession. "