Navigating AML: Control Strategies for Financial Clarity 

Date: 15 May 2024

Time: 14:00 - 17:00 

Location: Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge





1. Regulatory Updates: Stay abreast of the ever-changing AML regulatory landscape with insights into the latest global and regional requirements. Understand the implications for compliance and adapt your strategies accordingly.
2. Emerging Trends in AML: Explore the current and future trends shaping the AML landscape, from evolution in terrorist financing and the impact of digitalisation on financial crime.
3. Control Environment Fundamentals: Understand the foundational elements of a strong control environment and its significance in AML compliance. Explore the integration of policies, procedures, and technologies to establish a proactive defence against money laundering.
4. Case Studies on Control Failures: Analysis of real-world scenarios where control environments failed, leading to AML vulnerabilities. We will extract the valuable lessons from these cases to fortify your organisation's defences and pre-emptively address potential weaknesses.
5. Group Debate – The effectiveness of intergovernmental bodies and their ability to influence of hinder their ability to combat money laundering globally!