Neil Giles

Traffik Analysis Hub

Neil has been working with STOP THE TRAFFIK www.stopthetraffik.org since 2008 and his knowledge of organised crime and human trafficking is extensive.

He is an expert member of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime and has a strong history in Law Enforcement with New Scotland Yard, Regional and National Crime Squads, National Criminal Intelligence Service and as Deputy Director, Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). His specialist area is intelligence collection.

STT philosophy is to collect stories trafficking from across the globe, aggregate those through analysis into hot spots and characteristics and share them innovatively with every type of vulnerable community to build resilience to trafficking. Traffik Analysis Hub www.traffikanalysis.org is a new stand alone cross sector initiative developed in partnership with IBM and Clifford Chance to bring diverse data sets together and enable the production of a tailored analysis in a highly consumable visualisation for all participants.

Traffik Analysis Hub offers a highly accessible analysis of trafficking risk to financial institutions and businesses to make their systems more resilient to trafficking money flows and supply chains less vulnerable. Through TAH analysis, audits of all descriptions are more focused and law enforcement and NGOs are able to conduct their work in greater context as they address the threat of trafficking. Early participants include Interpol, several major banks and universities, and a wide range of NGOs from across the globe.